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Neelakurinji-will bloom for you in 2018

10 August 2014

One could say this as a unique life cycle, and a phenomenon that makes the hills of Munnar a special place for biologists. The biological phenomenon of the mass blooming of the Neelakurinji (Strobilanthus) flower that takes place once in twelve years has once again arrived in the famed hill resort of Munnar. Neela means blue in Malayalam language and Kurinji the local name of the flower. For those in Munnar, the blooming of Kurinji flower is a reminder that their lives have gone past another twelve years, and for those from far off; may be it is reminder to witness a once in a life time rare sight of the Kurinji flowers covering the slopes and ravines of Munnar in a blanket of blue.

Neelakurinji was last seen en-masses in 2006  and therefore your next date to see the munnar hills completely clad with these flowers is likely around 2018.

Another reason, travellers to Kerala are mesmerised by its magic. Yes, ItsKerala.

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